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Meet the Band

Here is information about the members of BECCON.

Karen Bjorklund

Keyboard, guitar, whistles, percussion, banjo, mandolin and dulcimer
Karen has been playing, singing and creating music since she was 7 years old. She likes to explore new instruments or think up new ways to use old instruments; don't be surprised if she switches instruments during a tune. Karen says her interest in Celtic music isn't just because she is descended from a clan appointed hereditary clan pipers - it's because she loves the tunes.

Sally Campbell

Sally started with the violin at an early age, drifted away when she built a new career and family, and came back to her instrument when her twin boys showed an interest in music. She likes a variety of musical styles, including classical and Celtic, particularly Scottish Celtic (she is a Campbell, after all).

Steve Carr

Steel string guitar and mandolin
Steve has been playing stringed instruments since he was 12 years old and practically grew up in McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, California. He has always loved traditional music, particularly the Scots-Irish music of the Appalachian region. Steve also plays the mandolin in our band.

Jan Eppelsheimer

Hammered Dulcimer, percussion and vocals
Jan's voice has been her instrument of choice for as long as she can remember. She grew up in a large family, and could be found singing and dancing most every Sunday at her grandparents’ home. When her husband surprised her with a birthday gift of a hammered dulcimer, she took to it with a passion, and is thrilled to play it as part of the band.

Lynda Hess

Lynda began playing the piano at about age 7 and joined the school band in 4th grade, playing the flute. She is classically trained and currently plays in a woodwind group called “The Chinook Winds Trio.” Lynda taught public school music for 31 years and continues to teach at the Community Music Center in southeast Portland.